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"Hands down best burgers in town!"
Gene P.
  "This place was a pleasant surprise.  I was worried when I saw it shared a building with a gas station, but my fears were unnecessary. Burgers were great, and filling for such low prices. Their variety is impressive. Next time I will be trying the fries. The staff were friendly and the atmosphere was fun. Highly recommended."
Mr. K
  "Everyone needs to visit this fantastic mom and pop style burger spot. If you looking for a homemade burger (from Traditional Burger to a Mediterranean Burger to a Pimento Cheese Burger) this is the place to go. Eat your heart out Greensboro... WOW!!"

  "This place is not just for meat eaters. I'm a vegetarian and can vouch for their homemade black bean patty. It's the best in Greensboro. Even if you eat meat, take a break for once and try out the black bean burger."

Andrew B.
Surprise hit
Owner, Guy, has a surprise hit on his hands.  Everything about their food is fresh.  I like to stand at the bar and watch the action.  From the fresh ground beef to fresh-cut onions for onion rings (nothing frozen here), it's all perfect.  My favorites are the Philly and the classic.  Don't forget to try the Texas Brisket.  Melts in your mouth.   It's pretty small so you may have to eat outside on picnic tables during busy times but the murals make it fun.
Jon S.
Best burger in GSO
Best burger in GSO, surprisingly found next to Walmart and a dodgy gas station. Worry not, once you get a delicious beef patty and some truffle fries in your mouth, you will wonder why you haven't been before.
Matt M.
Five Stars
As most have already pointed out, great burgers with even better fries
Greg O.
When I think of a great burger place this is it!
Loved all the choice of toppings and the French fry menu was awesome too.  We had the aged Parmesan fries which were delicious as we're our giant burgers.  Will definitely visit again.  One note, the dining room is quite small and fills up fast during busy meal times.  We went in winter so it was too cold to sit outside but when the weather warms up I bet even the patio is packed.
Lori C.
Great burger joint, Vegetarian friendly
Chickpea burger, Angus Burger, Cheese Fries - My friend and I tried them for the first time. We got their "almost" size, which is the smaller size, but is about right for a regular burger. The angus beef is about on par with 'Five Guys', but they put it on a potato bun which took it over the top. They also offer two different homemade vegetarian patties, either black bean or chick pea. We went with the chick pea and chose the mushroom Swiss topping. The patty itself has a good savory flavor and it paired very well with the toppings. We also ordered their cheese fries. Be warned, the menu lists them as covered in melted aged cheddar, but it's a cheddar sauce. They switched it out for shredded cheddar after we spoke up, but if, like me, you can't stand the mucus-like texture of cheese sauce, make sure to specify you want the shredded cheddar or you'll be in for an unpleasant surprise. The pricing seemed a little high until we saw the portions, as the large cheddar fry is 6.99, but what you get could easily be shared between four or five people. Don't let the fact that it's attached to a gas station convenience store scare you off, this place is a great find and we will be back.
Yes! Weekly
Best burger:
The Burger Spot in Greensboro makes a dynamite burger, particularly when paired with the truffle fries. more
Yes! Weekly
I will definitely be back again real soon.
This is what's great about yelp. I drive by this place all the time and never even new it was there and even if I saw it probably wouldn't have gone in.   Recently though I was searching yelp for somewhere nearby and new and came across this highly rated restaurant. Checked it out and discovered everything good said about it to be pretty spot on. Not feeling super adventurous, I landed on the almost burger with fries. It was a perfect size meal, hot and juicy with all of the right fixings.  They have plenty of other specialty burgers as well that looked really good plus the ability to substitute for ground turkey or house made veggie. The fries were freshly made and piping hot.  In fact I didn't notice till later they also have an entire section of the menu for french fries. Can't wait to try the aged Parmesan garlic or white truffle fries. Not the greatest ambience but the really friendly staff and great food more than make up for that.  I will definitely be back again real soon.
Uv V.
Don't forget: the Texas brisket sandwich
Don't forget: the Texas brisket sandwich at Burger Stop is the real deal, according to my friend from Fort Worth. He hasn't eaten a hamburger there yet! I love their burgers and the hamburger rolls with their buttery tops. Yum!! I've seen 15 people waiting on a busy day and still got my burger within 5-10 minutes....with a smile. Go!!
E. S.
Love this place!
Love this place! Every time I eat here its a party in my mouth! Best burger, love the menu devoted to french fries! Love! Love! Love!
Emery M.
I love the attention to detail.
It sure doesn't look like anything special from the outside but it has really great food. I love the attention to detail. The potato buns on our burgers were toasted and wonderful. We got BIG Burgers, a Pimento Cheese with applewood bacon and a Mushroom Swiss. YUM! Terrific burgers. We also got Pesto Garlic Aioli fries. They were so pestoy! To achieve the same amount of taste I'd have to coat them with pesto sauce. We look forward to going back and trying the Mediterranean burger (with Hummus and cucumber yoghurt sauce) and the Bacon Ranch Fries. Don't let the exterior fool you, these are gourmet burgers at great prices.
Mike A.
Good place! I love their turkey burgers.
Good place! I love their turkey burgers. As folks who don't eat beef know, all turkey burgers aren't created equal. The burgers at the Spot are "spot on"! You can tell the turkey is fresh, and how they prepare (grill) them is appreciated. Friendly staff. Oh, and good fries! Hubby says hot dogs are good as are the beef hamburgers he's had. Location (attached to a gas station) might confuse at first, but don't let's a clean joint.
T. W.
What took me so long???
I am very embarassed to say that I am practically walking distance from this Gastro-Heaven. My wife and I tried it for the first time yesterday in honor of National Cheeseburger Day. My wife said that it was better than Cook Out and Five Guys combined. This is no lie. She had an Almost sized Angus Beef Classic and an almost side of seasoned fries. I had the Almost sized Bacon Burger with an order of almost specialty fries with garlic and parmasean. My, my, my. Fantastic food here. I even got the chance to sample the beef brisket. So many options here. We will be back and often. You won't be disappointed. Friendly service and worth the venture into the northern corners of Battleground Avenue to find it.
Lee S.

This place is awesome.
This place is awesome.  All the choices for fries are a huge plus.  Last time I went I had the blue cheese burger and the nacho fries. 4000 calories later it was great.
Beats red robin, fudruckers by far.
Nick M.

  Birthday Fun
"Smuckers" wanted to have lunch with his grandpa "Ga" at "The place with the doggies on the wall" on his 3rd B-day.
Scott M.


Great burger.
The turkey burger was flavorful and the chargrilled flavor came through. The fried were skin on steak fries. Excellent find.
Mamma Foodie

Without a doubt, THE best burger in town.
Without a doubt, THE best burger in town. Just had lunch here today. Had the pimento cheese burger with parmesan garlic fries. The burger was juicy and cooked perfectly. The bacon was crispy, the tomato was nice and ripe and the pimento cheese was better than mine. The fries were delicious as well. Not a healthy lunch but well worth the calories and fat if you're going to splurge. Will be a regular for sure!
Janice M.

Favorite burger restaurant in town.
This is definitely my favorite burger restaurant in town. My usual is a custom cheeseburger with grilled onions and Thousand Island (inspired by my favorite "In & Out" burger!) And the truffle fries are delicious. My husband gets a different burger every time and he's always been pleased. He is also partial to the pesto and garlic aioli fries. The only thing I would change is that I wish they had milkshakes...
My family and I love to sit on the picnic tables outside and look at the pet mural. (Keep an eye out for our dog J.J. painted on the wall!)
Christina D.
Burger Spot = Cool Spot........
As a fan of mom-and-pop eateries and small places with a big food presence, the Burger Spot not only warms the cockles of my heart but amazes me on nearly every visit. We were patrons of the previous restaurant in this unlikely location and became curious when a new sign was erected a few months ago. Much to our delight, it was so much more than we expected - but certainly hoped for.
Where to start? Obviously the burgers. As a fan of burgers at several Greensboro locations (Fisher Grill, Emma Keys, etc.), I will say without hesitation that these are the best in town. Excellent ingredients (angus beef), perfect preparation (Be not afraid!! Get it the way they wish to serve it: medium), and tasty accoutrements. You will have many options for burger choices (fixed combinations of ingredients or your call) so just go for one and dive in - you will be making many return visits to try all the others.
The fries are topnotch - nice bit of crisp, soft interior, Goldilocks size (not too big ... not to small ... just right)
I went to the Big Burger Spot for the first time on a Sunday, and went back the following Tuesday--it's that good!
As a recovering vegetarian, I first opted for the house-made chickpea patty on the Mediterranean burger. The patty tasted great, but fell apart a bit. The burger as a whole was also really good, but didn't have as much tzatziki (cucumber dill sauce) as I would have liked. I got the "almost big size" and it was plenty. I also split an "almost big" size of regular seasoned fries, which completely filled me up. The fries were well cooked, but the seasoning salt does not have as much of a kick as other places (such as Steak n Shake) and did not coat the fries entirely--but that's so not even a big deal.
The next time, I got a turkey burger on the Backyard Barbecue burger. Oh. My god. This was amazing. I don't know what's in the barbecue sauce but I want more just thinking about it. The turkey patty was great, not too dry but no weird fatty or gristly bits (I've never had one before so no basis for comparison). The crispy onions could have been crispier, but the burger as a whole comes together as a paragon of deliciousness. This time, I got the bacon cheddar fries. The cheddar sauce is made out of real cheese--it's not that Gehl's nacho "cheese" you get some places. There was also plenty of real bacon (not bacon bits) on top of the fries. These were delicious, but messy--and they'll make you thirsty. Again, I got an "almost big" burger and split an "almost big" fries.
Inside, the Burger Spot is small and crowded--because there was never NOT a line for as long as we were there. It may be hard to get a table indoors, but there's a cute outdoor seating area as well, or you can get your burgers to go. Check it out--it's delicious.
H. M.
Honestly the best burgers I have ever tasted.
Honestly the best burgers I have ever tasted.  My husband and I both agree - they taste like they just came off our grill in the garden!  Their chicken nuggets are light and flavorful - not greasy and the coating is part of it.  Many times you get nuggets that the coating comes away and tastes like flour, egg and bread crumbs - not these!  Their salads are amazing!  Fresh - crisp and huge.  For the low price I paid for the Greek salad - I ate from it for three days!  The hummus is yummy and the fries are crisp on the outside and perfect on the inside.  The range of choices can make your eyes cross, but the staff is so wonderful and helps explain everything - slowly so you don't feel bowled over by information!  We love Guy and Jerry's Burger spot and recommend it every chance we get.  It's a weekly stop for our family and we hope you will make it yours too!
Tanya T.
Burgers Are The Prize
We had a chance to stop in this new burger place today for lunch. This is a small place next to a convienience store - location was the previous home of New York Deli and then a hot dog joint. They have upfitted it nicely with a bright, colorful interior.
The menu is rather broad for such a small place, but it basically is a burger joint with a large number of toppings, and an equally large number of Specialty Fries. In addition, they have hot dog choices, a Children's menu, several salads, and a few appetizers. They offer specialty sandwiches like Smoked Corn Beef Brisket (goes for $7.99), Grilled Chicken Breast, BLT, Pimento Cheese BLT, and Bratwurst.
The burgers are cooked to order, so this is semi-fast food. Their burger are Angus Beef, and are pretty darn tasty. They are served on a toasted brioche bun, which is not my personal favorite, but it only detracts a little from the overall burger experience. The burgers come in two sizes, Big or Almost Big, prices start at $4.49, and climb to $7.49 for the Pimento Cheese Burger. Premium toppings are $1.00 each.
The hot dog is not one I care for - the chili tastes way too much of tomato, and is served on a potato bun, again not a personal favorite. The chili is also on the Carolina Burger, which I also tried, but again the chili was not to my liking.
The burger alone is worth a visit here, and I want to try some other sandwiches and their fries. The folks here are friendly and efficient.

The BS sauce and sweet potato fries are outstanding!
My mother in law was visiting from Indiana and she LOVES burgers.  We visited Guy and Jerry's and loved it!  Juicy and delicious but not greasy. Very friendly and inviting staff. Restaurant was very clean!  The BS sauce and sweet potato fries are outstanding!
Heather W.

Just 3 days later we had to go back for seconds!
Just 3 days later we had to go back for seconds! Everything just as delicious as the first time. We got the big dipping fries this time and it is B-I-G - had to get a to-go box. Found out they can do a Reuben with the corned beef brisket and their homemade kraut - I almost fainted as that's my all time favorite sandwich! Will be back soon!
LB K. (Again)
Best corned beef
You've got to try the smoked corned beef on rye. Best corned beef I have ever tasted. The smoke makes it special.
John W.

Best burger in Greensboro!
Best burger in Greensboro! It's in a weird spot, next to a gas station/convenience store but we were amazed at how nice it was inside - clean and nicely decorated. LOTS of interesting choices for burger toppings - be sure to take note of the available extras at no charge - crispy onions were a delight as was the pesto mayo. Dipping fries were delicious - we tried blue cheese, spicy ketchup and pesto mayo - all yummy.  Order your burger medium well if you don't like it pink. Can't wait to return soon!


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