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All of our salads and house made dressings are available for catering
Five options to choose from

Traditional Spring Mix Salad
Cobb Salad - (option with Grilled Chicken)
Grilled Chicken Salad
Greek Salad
Spinach Salad - (option with Grilled Chicken)
  Salads can be prepared in bulk for serving or
individually packaged ready to serve.

House made dressings available:
Ranch, Blue Cheese, Greek or Balsamic Vinaigrette, Oil and Vinegar, Thousand Island, Honey Mustard

We offer all burger sizes (Almost, Big & Colossal) and Hot Dog sizes (Standard & Big Dog) for catering.

You can have them in a pan for Build your own or individually wrapped on the bun.

A Fixings tray is provided so each guest can have their burger "Built to their specifications".


Available Toppings:
Lettuce, house made slaw, tomato, Bermuda onions, grilled onions, crispy onions, jalapenos, jalapeno relish, banana peppers, roasted red peppers, grilled mushrooms, BBQ sauce, A.1, pesto mayonnaise, ketchup, spicy brown and yellow mustard & BS Sauce, House made chili, applewood smoked bacon, house made extra sharp pimento cheese, American cheese, cheddar cheese, feta cheese, blue cheese, provolone cheese, Swiss cheese & pepper jack


See a sandwich or three on our menu that you would like at your event ... All the sandwiches are available for catering.

We will work with you for the best way to prepare the sandwich selection based on group size and sandwich selection.


We can also create a "build a sandwich" bar allowing your guest to get creative and enjoy feasting on their own work of tasty art.


Let us know your needs regarding our sandwich selection and the crew of the Big Burger Spot will creatively make it happen!

We offer a wide variety of sides and desserts to make your meal complete
Just a few ideas for sides ...

Mac and Cheese, Fruit Salad, Chicken Tenders,
Corn Dogs, Hummus Dipping Tray, Cheese Tray

For Dessert ...

Cookies or Brownies

Chocolate Chip, Reese�s Peanut Butter Cup
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Chili is a Burger Spot Specialty

Our chili comes with cheese, onions and sour cream on the side so your guest can customize their chili to their own liking.

Jalapenos, Banana Peppers & Crispy Onions are also available as toppings.
Fresh Soups made just for your event

You can choose one of ours or let us know your preference so our chef can create it just for you and your guest.
Order one of our tasty treats From The Smoker in bulk for your catering

Carolina Style Pork BBQ - We smoke Boston Butts for 12 hours then completely clean and pull to remove all excess fat. We then season with our special house blend of seasonings and house-made Lexington style BBQ sauce served on a Brioche bun with slaw on request.

Pork Loin - We smoke our whole pork loins for 4 hours then thin slice and serve on a Brioche bun with Sweet Chili sauce, pickles and banana peppers for our Cuban sandwich.


Texas Style Beef Brisket - We slow smoke our whole briskets over Hickory wood for 13 hours and then quick chill them to seal in all the flavor and juices. We then clean and thin slice to be served warm with our Texas style smokey BBQ sauce on a Brioche bun.

Smoke-A-Fried Wings - We Smoke whole Jumbo Chicken wings for an hour over Apple wood, then flash fry to create the best of both worlds. An excellent smokey flavor with and extra crispy exterior. Served Natural or tossed with your choice of Buffalo, BBQ, Sweet chili, Jerk BBQ, Parmesan Garlic or Lemon Pepper.

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